Sunday, March 14, 2010

the business logic

According to the hierarchy of the business logic, the paper expounded the implementation mechanism of short message transmission and service, the network management interface protocol, and each monitoring business application. Furthermore, the paper analyzed possible performance issues in the application of the platform, and proposed two optimization methods from the view of software design, including dynamic multi-threading service and window-based flow control at the sender.This platform has been put into trial operation in Guizhou Telecom, and running stably. It meets the requirements of the daily network management of network operators, and has wide applications in future.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Dealing with all kinds of colleague;Able to organize,analyze and meet operational deadlines;Respond well in high-pressure atmosphere.
Career Objective:

1. Assist GM with the collection, consolidation and preparation of cheap nike shoes & meeting cheap Wholesale nike shoes on time. 2. Assist Buy cheap nike shoes build domestic and international sales.3. Help communication between U.S. HQ and China staffs.4. Offer secretary service to the Manager on time. (Typing, filing, and searching information, scheduling, internal/external communication, document distribution).5. Assist in the inventory control of department supplies.6. Controlling the drafting, revision and ultimate release of documentation such as User Guide and brochure.7. Doc maintaining and publishing.8. Support documents and brochure to Engineer or sales or exhibition.

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Now Document Control Coordinator/Admin Assistant

Be confident,optimistic and energetic; Have initiative to study and Lacoste Polo Shirts; Ability to teach and enforce engineers to follow common formatting rules; Effective communication in a team environment; Strong PC skills - Word, Excel, Cheap Lacoste Polo Shirts; Fluent in both spoken and written English.

1.Contact liaison with USA/Philippine documentation staff from time to time to communicate the work issues/organize requests by mails or telephone.2.Create initial revisions as needed (family tree, parts and qualified vendor list,bill of material …);3.Search systems(Lacoste Shirts) to verify parts and proofread all the components'part numbers in program;4.Apply for the GPN(Global Part Number)from North American or Philippines after the full collection of components'information,spec and AEC-Q data;5.Control the documents format in order to make them complete and correct when the project is at design validation/production validation phase;6.Release the project documents(CAD data and 2D drawing) to the supplier/customer and then keep in the archives;7.Release all the project documents in TDMS(Technical Document Management System) and then keep in the archives;8.Assist program manager to manage CMTS(Change Management Tracking System) in order to make the correct operation of engineers;9.Technical documents distribution and reception;10.Assist engineers with the spec translation;Succeed in translating TPMS spec;11.Assist department managers to deal with the travel reimbursement,air ticket and hotel booking;12.Make the purchase request and goods payment;13.Deal with the foreign employees and engineers Visa application;14.Manage employee attendance;15.Make the program status and employee monthly report every month
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Shanghai International Studies University

1.Provide Accounting service to Capgemini. 2.Provide Accounting service to cheap polo shirts, including cashier and reporting Business Tax, converting foreign currency to RMB and reporting of foreign currency. 3.Provide Accounting service to Harley-Davidson Shanghai RO, including cashier, booking keeping, preparing RO’s Business tax returns and Corporate Income tax returns for submission to Shanghai Tax Bureau and buying stamp duty, etc. 4.Provide Accounting service to Sephora, mainly in AP, AR. 5.Provide Annual Inspection Service to Montfort, an ralph lauren polo shirts company.

Desired Type of Employment:Full-time
Desired Job Industry:Professional Service (Consultancy/cheap ralph lauren polo shirts/Legal) Medical Equipment Banking Fund/Stock/Futures/Investment Others
Desired Job Category:Marketing/Public Relations (PR)/Media Finance(Banking/Fund/Security/Futures/Investment) Executive Assistant/Secretary
Desired City:Shanghai
Desired Salary: before tax RMB
Desired Salary:Negotiable
I can start from:within 1 month
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Visa International

1. Planning the agenda to follow up the traveling schedule and meeting appointments as required.
2. Booking tickets and hotels as required and providing timely feedback, Managing drivers to ensure the timely pick up service for internal and external needs
3. Preparing the internal meeting between HQ and China department
4. To provide secretarial and polo shirts support
5. Other tasks assigned on an as-needed-basis

Personal assistant of three Managers
1. Arrangement of managers’ daily schedule
2. Air-ticket, hotel booking
3. Preparation of managers’ daily expenses reimbursement
4. Other miscellaneous: i.e. Visa application and ralph lauren polo shirts

Procurement work for Visa event (meeting/ conference/ training organized by Visa)
1. Preliminary preparation work: ask for quotations, contract sign up, PO/PR and other necessary paper work
2. Logistic work: arrange the pick-up, and other miscellaneous things
3. Payment settlement: verify all the details of cheap ralph lauren polo shirts, paper work preparation for payment, payment processing monitoring, etc.

Office daily operational work
1. Office equipment maintenance: ensure the normal operation of office facility, i.e. printer, fax machine, copy machine, scanner, projector, IP Phone system, audio conference system
2. Operating expense managing: office purchasing, verifying all kinds of operational expenses of Shanghai office, preparing China office monthly operating expense report and vendor payment report
3. Financial Accrual and budgeting: monthly, quarterly and annually operating expense accrual; Annually budgeting participation
4. Documents managing: keep record of all the contracts/ files, manage chop and legal documents using, keep record and manage all the assets
5. New staff orientation of procedures and policies

Friday, March 5, 2010

finding out

Focus on TS service delivery on country level; 1. Setting up service delivery plan and northface outlet;2. Setting down service flow and standard; 3. Planning the north face outlet of human resources; 4. Accomplishing service target5. Designing staff training plan and implementing the plan6. Periodically communicating with customers’ in high level management and finding out their requirement.

Fulfilling call-center business development cheap northface jackets1.Building telephone sale team and responsible for the training;2.Choosing product by telephone sale;3. Setting up the sales procedure.4. Being responsible for the marketing.In charge of a technical support team for IBM xSeries product hotline technology support service in China.1. Establishing new team for IBM xSeries product hotline technology support service;2. Designing transition plan and making sure the performance stability during job hand-over and take-over;3. Setting up training plan and completing the transference from PC Team to Server Team;4. Re-planning call flow, and improving call answer rate and customer satisfaction; 5. Analyzing hardware fault of sever hotline and locating the fault spare and dispatching the engineer for other part of China to solve the problem;6. Hotline abandon rate